Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Reflected Dancers

Here's some more 'old-new' art. The original drawings I think are from around 2009, when I was still going to a belly dance class every week. I was really inspired by the elaborate clothing and jewelry and the postures of dancers, particularly famous dancers like Sharon Kihara and Moria Chappell (both of whom I was lucky enough to see live in 2009... so beautiful!). Sadly I had to move and there's no similar class where I live now, boo! Belly dance is wonderful and I miss it.

The dancers, and the line drawings of flowers in the second image, were all done in fine black pen on paper. To get the 'reflections', I drew one image, traced it, and then drew it out again in reverse on the original drawing (nope, it's not Photoshop!). The textures are a brand new addition to give the drawings a bit more warmth and colour.

Available as prints at my Artflakes store (I and II) and Society6 store (I and II). 

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