Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Circus Bears

What better way to start my new art blog than with new art?

Okay, these designs aren't strictly new; I created them back in 2010 when I was building up my portfolio. I've recently been reworking some old designs to market as prints, and these are some of my favourites so I just had to bring them back out to play.

The circus has been one of my favourite themes in my artwork since I fell in love with a book of Czech circus posters back in college (if I ever find a copy of that book for myself, I will weep for joy). FYI, I don't in any way approve of the use of real animals in circuses... but I think these bears are running their own show, so they're doing alright.

The circus bears are available as art prints and canvases over at my Society6 store: I - II - III - IV

...and at my Artflakes store (where you can also buy them as greetings cards): I - II - III - IV

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