Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Reflected Dancers

Here's some more 'old-new' art. The original drawings I think are from around 2009, when I was still going to a belly dance class every week. I was really inspired by the elaborate clothing and jewelry and the postures of dancers, particularly famous dancers like Sharon Kihara and Moria Chappell (both of whom I was lucky enough to see live in 2009... so beautiful!). Sadly I had to move and there's no similar class where I live now, boo! Belly dance is wonderful and I miss it.

The dancers, and the line drawings of flowers in the second image, were all done in fine black pen on paper. To get the 'reflections', I drew one image, traced it, and then drew it out again in reverse on the original drawing (nope, it's not Photoshop!). The textures are a brand new addition to give the drawings a bit more warmth and colour.

Available as prints at my Artflakes store (I and II) and Society6 store (I and II). 

Circus Bears

What better way to start my new art blog than with new art?

Okay, these designs aren't strictly new; I created them back in 2010 when I was building up my portfolio. I've recently been reworking some old designs to market as prints, and these are some of my favourites so I just had to bring them back out to play.

The circus has been one of my favourite themes in my artwork since I fell in love with a book of Czech circus posters back in college (if I ever find a copy of that book for myself, I will weep for joy). FYI, I don't in any way approve of the use of real animals in circuses... but I think these bears are running their own show, so they're doing alright.

The circus bears are available as art prints and canvases over at my Society6 store: I - II - III - IV

...and at my Artflakes store (where you can also buy them as greetings cards): I - II - III - IV